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VISTA is an in-store marketing application that helps retail businesses better manage their product categories through planning, development, and execution. The suite, or our complete collection of tools and services, is comprised of two applications providing the most effective in-store marketing solutions for each company. While each application has its unique features that work independently, VISTA Suite operates best when using our Virtual Designer and Category Designer together.

Why is our planogramming software better than competitors? Our design. If you currently use another platform, you already know the UI looks similar to something developed in the early 2000s. We have evolved. We are utilizing designs that are clean, easy to use, and will look sleek on your Apple or Windows device, all the while being as effective or more as other planogramming solutions.

Virtual Designer

Virtual Designer is a powerful planogram tool that allows clients to quickly create professional-looking planograms of all sizes for the retail store. Think of us as your in-store marketing agency.

Virtual Designer’s dashboard allows users to easily create, modify, and finalize planograms quickly, ensuring accurate and consistent product placement for every category. Start from scratch or choose from a variety of templates within Virtual Designer’s planogram library.

Quickly generate contracts using VISTA Mobile, then import them into Virtual Designer to design the perfect layout for retail stores. The most visual, easy to use planogram tool available today.

Category Designer

Design your fixture. Place your products. Choose your marketing.

We currently manage categories in a quarter of a million stores across the nation. Our clients are some of the most recognizable brands in the world, holding onto the largest market share in their category. Why are they the most recognizable brand? Because of their retail presence. We manage their entire in-store experience, including designing product placement in-store.

Category Designer is an in-store marketing management tool that defines categories, as well as signage, POS, and POP displays. This tool enables clients to know what products and marketing look like in the store quickly and efficiently while being able to make changes that don’t waste budget. Plan for field execution and ensure marketing materials are in their precise locations.

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