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We offer virtual prototyping and industrial design to enable you to plan your product effectively and efficiently before ever having the prototype in your hand.

Our Imaging Center offers a visual comprehension of products as they would look in-store and on shelves to enhance the planning of customers’ in-store experiences.

Offering three studios independently or as a suite, we offer defined product imaging, as well as product category imaging in specific AND multiple store environments. Please note that we build custom Image Centers for you at your location, but we also offer the use of our Imaging Center in Virginia.

Rapid Prototyping

Before going through several product prototypes, utilize our services to bring it to life before building a physical model. We can help you envision your product using 3D product visualization, VR and AR, and animation.

Visual prototypes help you to communicate your thoughts and ideas to the rest of your company. Grab it, move it, assemble and disassemble it utilizing our technology to design, redesign, and visualize the final product. Do all of this in a short time frame.

Industrial Design

Sketching and Idea generation. Our industrial designers can generate multiple iterations of your product based on your verbal description. Once a design is created and chosen, we can then integrate with our Focus and Field Studios to visually prototype your new product.

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to bring to life, but it was challenging to communicate to others? Think of a sketch artist that’s able to take the image directly out of your head and put it on paper. We have that. And more. Once your idea becomes visual, we’re able to design it on screen and tweak it until it’s perfect.

Focus Studio

Design a product and showcase specific features. Our Focus Studio allows you to assemble, disassemble, and visualize while also seeing how it fits and how it looks. Examine defining features at the highest resolution in a realistic view of your product before production.

The importance of on-demand manufacturing: in the most competitive retail age, you need to design your product quickly, yet precisely to compete. There is no longer time to make mistakes. That’s where we come in: let us design and plan your product right the first time.

Utilize our product visualization. Through modeling, photorealistic lighting and texturing, and cinematic animation, we convert any conceptual design into a fully realized product and captivate your audience with its realistic appearance. Product visualization provides a unique opportunity to engage with a product before its creation.

Integration Studio

Our Integration Studio is a business rules builder that displays entire product categories on fixtures utilizing high definition displays and multiple fixture views.

Our Studio allows a full-scale view of product categories on fixtures before deciding to send products to the field. See your product amongst the products sitting next to it in the store before production even occurs. Know what your product will look like on the shelf as it evolves, changes, or as the area around it does.

The Integration Studio has instant field application and can be live to stores in seconds.

Field Studio

Field Studio plans product categories in a virtual reality setting to see how they look in multiple retail environments.

Easily and quickly design multiple product categories in a high definition store landscape with a full and scalable product assortment. Are you looking to test a new product launch? The Field Studio allows clients to quickly and efficiently swap and check the visual of any product.

Review merchandising initiatives with colleagues and view various components without having to pay and wait for a prototype by utilizing the power of Field Studio. With VR/AR, we bring a vision into virtual reality. Play with designs before producing them. Stack them up. Tear them down.

With VR and AR, it is easy to gain a new perspective and communicate those ideas to a team. We build tools and prototypes that help clients avoid wasteful iterations.

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