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Quality Assurance
and Engineering

Our assurance services guarantee quality for both your products and processes. Whether we are physically testing your product or doing a finite element analysis, we utilize the most advanced technology to keep your products performing as you intended. We analyze both fit and function to guarantee a long-lasting product.


To compliment your retail experience, we offer a full engineering department to focus on your merchandising. We helped our clients achieve market share in 250,000 retail stores and growing by offering 3D engineering of products, fixtures, and other in-store designs.

Our engineering teams are also able to offer FEA (finite element analysis) to test where stresses are on products and performances of products before production.


Hold the product before production. Services include 3D modeling and 3D printing. After planning your product and its future in-store environment, grasp and see the prototype model. Start with a run production before mass-producing.

Sketching and Idea generation. Our industrial designers can generate different visuals based on your verbal description. Once a design is created, we can then integrate with our Focus and Field Studios to visually analyze your new product.

Quality Assurance

Our assurance services take your products and ensure they are ready for the market. Once you have a product prototype or have completed a production run, we have our testing facility dedicated to testing and reporting physical stresses.

We want you to save time and money by certifying that your product has turned out as intended.

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